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Quiet Ground retreats offers a unique experience for practitioners of all levels and genres of movement and meditation.  We do not foster an agenda other than that of promoting self-care—in particular, physical and mental renewal in a nurturing environment of acceptance. Quiet Ground offers, and is open to, a variety of mindful movement experiences, including Yoga, Pilates, Yamuna, Authentic Movement, and Qi Gong, among others.  Located on the banks of the Soque River in North Georgia, Habersham Mills, a privately owned, repurposed industrial space, allows for a connection with nature and self.

habersham mills

Habersham Mills

Situated on a fifty-foot fall on the Soque River, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Habersham Mills (est. 1831) was once a close-knit mill town and home to an iron-works factory later converted to a textile mill. This historic site, the oldest industrial site in Habersham County, provides a lush and peaceful environment, invigorated by the rush of the river and its falls dotted with both historic and newly designed structures. No longer host to the machine of prosperity and material abundance, the setting inspires inner calm and grounded connection with self. Time stops in this once-bustling enclave, allowing guests to unwind and appreciate the cessation of both past and present everyday activities.

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Quiet Ground

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