About Phelan La Velle

by | May 29, 2019

Phelan started yoga when she moved to Chicago in 2000, where she began to practice weekly. A bike messenger at the time, yoga became extremely therapeutic for her, physically and mentally. She believes you can use yoga to alter negative thought patterns or habits for a better understanding of somatic intelligence. “I use yoga as a means of self-expression, to become closer to my own truth and divinity,” she says, “I use it to change the way I think.”

Phelan has been teaching yoga in Athens for almost ten years. Using her skills and experience, she guides her students towards experiencing all of the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Currently Phelan teaches 6-8 classes per week at M3Yoga while pursuing her 500 hour certification with the Maze Method. When not engaged in her own practice or teaching, Phelan enjoys playing music and spending time with her husband, friends and dogs.



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