Sacred Rituals

Patricia Jaliu, creator of Mineral Forest, specializes in the creation of modern organic collections ranging from distinctive lighting fixtures to accessories and home furnishings. Patricia is also a certified Kundalini yoga teacher.

My Time with Dar Vander Hoop

To be in the presence of a seasoned teacher is a true gift. To witness a teacher who embodies breath, alignment, mindfulness, and sacred space is a deep blessing. Dar Vander Hoop is both a gift and a blessing.

About Dar Vander Hoop

Dar Vander Hoop has been teaching yoga for more than three decades. Her master yoga teachers include Dharma Mittra, Swami Bhua, Indira Devi, Yogi Bhajan, Alan Finger, Bekir Algan, Bikram, and Paul Grilley.

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