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Our retreats are intentionally broad in scope, but each one ultimately encourages inward enlightenment, achieved with the assistance of guest facilitators and the natural rhythms of the water and landscape. With an aptitude for design and an affinity for how spatial dynamics can facilitate mindful movement and introspection, Quiet Ground organizes retreats based on how the environment — built or natural — will best support the featured movement and/or meditation experience. This could be determined, for example, by time of day (direction of the sun, temperature); time of year (weather, hours of daylight); or simply by the size, shape, location, and acoustics of a sheltered or open-air studio. Rather than serving as a soothing but passive background, the setting is integral to the experience. Carefully chosen locations for movement classes, meditation sessions, dining, or downtime enhance the inherent benefits of each activity.

From our Fall 2018 Yoga and Meditation Retreat

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From our Summer 2019 Yoga on the Soque Retreat

Yoga on the Soque, Phelan La Velle

Phelan La Velle of M3Yoga will lead us through an afternoon of yoga on the deck along the Soque River at Habersham Mills. We will start with a stretchy and enlivening flow series sequenced for expansion and openness. After a light mid afternoon lunch, Phelan will lead us through a quieter session of movement and meditation centered on restorative postures. The afternoon practice will invite reflection and relaxation as we enjoy the sites and sounds of the River.

$55 (includes lunch)


About Phalen

I wanted to say thank you for this amazing gift you are providing. The afternoon was absolutely perfect; beautiful space, delicious food and amazing yoga. I will definitely be back and will be sharing with friends. 

Thank you,



From our Spring 2019 Spring Equinox Series

Nourishing Somatic Pathways, Cundy Bryson

Cundy Bryson of Luminosity Yoga and Movement Studio will draw from Yin and Hatha Yoga, movement therapy, meditation, and Pranayama (breathing practices) to explore and “Spring-clean” the somatic pathways that open our bodies, creating internal space. During this full day, retreat participants will explore the following:  How can we feel alive in our bodies and calm in our minds? How can we nurture our inner landscape to find beauty and grace? How can we absorb goodness and release what is no longer serving us?

$140 (includes lunch)


Qigong for Spring, Tony Galis

Traditional health practices have always been seasonal health practices. The ancient sages recognized that human beings were intimately connected to the world around them. As Nature shifts through its seasonal cycles, everything must respond. It is when we lose touch with these cycles that the seeds of imbalance are planted. If not addressed, these become the roots of illness and dis-ease. In this Sunday morning session, Tony Galis of Thrive Integrative Medicine will discuss Spring from the classical Chinese perspective of the 5 Elements. In addition, he will discuss the corresponding energy of Spring and its impact on our life and health. We will use the ancient movement practice of Qigong to harmonize ourselves (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) with the season. Participants will come away feeling calm, refreshed, and deeply in tune with the rising vitality of Spring.

$55 (includes lunch)


Spring Equinox Reset, Rebecca Marshall, PhD

As we transition into spring, the earth provides powerful energy to help us move our dormancy into rebirth. Connect with nature and the elements to reset at this pivotal time of the year. During this session, we will balance the 5 Wisdom Bodies:  physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. When all 5 wisdom bodies are cleared, thoughts and emotions come to a place of rest, creating balance. You will be guided through visualizations, meditations, and gentle yoga to reset and align with the Spring season. This mini-retreat with Rebecca Shisler Marshall of Centered Living is an introduction to her framework for helping patients and will leave you feeling connected and centered.

$55 (includes lunch)

Thanks. It was a great event. Lovely setting, ambiance with nice touches like coffee/tea, flowers, recyclable plates and forks, the fires etc. Tony was great of course. Looking forward to the next one. 


Mary, Kelley and Kara,

Thank you so much for such a lovely day on Saturday. Cundy was just wonderful, I really enjoyed her teaching. My mom and I just had the perfect day!

I hope to see y’all soon!

Ashley Carney

From our Fall 2018 Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Reconnect Body, Mind and Heart, Cathy Jackson

As the winter holidays approach and life becomes ever more full, this retreat is about taking time to shift gears from the autopilot of “doing” to remembering the inherent joy and beauty provided  with each breath. Take this opportunity to pause and create a clearing in the dense forest of our lives, to reconnect with our natural capacity for presence, wisdom, and love. Moving through gentle yoga and meditation will remind us how vital and profound these centuries-old practices are in today’s world. The purpose of this day is not to escape or to become a better version of ourselves; Instead, it is an invitation to meet life as a gift, something both to receive and give. Cathy Jackson will guide us through the foundations of mindfulness in our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and the world around us. She will also explore the most current research on the health benefits of these ancient techniques and will provide tools for tapping into our inherent capacity for awareness––valuable information and skills that we can carry with us through the holidays and beyond.

Let this weekend inspire you to give the greatest gift of all: your loving attention and presence.



Breathe With Yin, Charlene Hammersen

As the days become shorter and the nights longer, we are reminded that the Yang time of year is giving way to the Yin time of year. Autumn and the waning moon provide fertile ground for setting intentions in anticipation of the new moon, which invites us to release emotions, thoughts, habits––even people––that no longer serve us. It is a time to make room for healthy energy, especially in preparation for the fast-approaching holidays. Charlene Hammersen of Yonah Yoga will explore these themes in a special three-hour Yin practice and guided meditation. In a sequence designed to release grief and sadness, participants can expect not only a physical transformation, but an emotional one as well, clearing a path for inner joy and elation.


Thank you all for your vision, planning and making possible both for this perfect day and my being able to be there. My heart is filled with gratitude. 

Karen Kassinger

From our 2018 Summer Solstice Qigong Retreat

Wisdom of the Seasons Summer Solstice with Tony Galis

During this daylong retreat, Tony Galis will guide participants through the ancient practice of Qi Gong to harmonize with Summer through flowing movements and meditations designed to optimize health of body, mind, and spirit. The retreat is open to all levels and is perfect for anyone seeking to release stress, improve health, or generate a fresh feeling of energy.

The day will begin with an introduction to Qi Gong with movement and meditation in the Roving Room overlooking the Soque River. A specially prepared lunch reflecting the nurturing aspects of Summer Solstice will be provided with ample time to tour the grounds, sit by the river, and relax in the calming atmosphere of Habersham Mills. The afternoon session begins with a restorative tea ceremony and expands on the Five Element theory and seasonal relationships. Participants will leave feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.


It was a joy to have a day of learning from Tony’s vast experience. To work with a master was a gift. The food you all provided was nourishing and delicious. Just the way I prefer to eat. Thank you. I loved the space. I look forward to the next time I am able to take advantage of what you all are doing.

Shell Knox

Just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the peaceful Qigong day at your retreat. Its just what I needed and I really enjoyed learning more about Qi Gong. I particularly appreciated the balance between lecture and then doing the Qigong. It made all the difference that Tony is a very good teacher, so that also made it special.

The lunch was so delicious – what a treat – such healthy, beautiful, mindful food! Learning about Chinese tea was also fascinating and inspiring. Having a nice chunk of time for lunch and then enjoying the grounds was so good and promoted more time to relax and have some solitude.

Thank you so much for doing this and please keep me posted on future retreat events.

Connie Muscenti

Thanks again for a wonderful job yesterday. Everything came off amazing. Super professional job! I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Tony Galis L.Ac.

From our Fall 2017 Restorative Yoga Retreat

Coming Home to Body with Dar Vander Hoop

During this day long retreat, special guest teacher Dar Vander Hoop will guide participants through a series of yoga classes and mindful mini-lectures. The day will begin with a two-hour Vinyasa flow class, followed by a Mindful Eating talk and practice during the lunch break. After lunch, Dar will lead a walking meditation along the banks of the Soque River. She will end the day with a two- hour Aroma Yin class, affectionately referred to by past participants as a “Bliss Out.”


Coming Home to Body with Dar Vanderhoop was cathartic! I met some amazing women of all ages and various yoga abilities. I never felt out of place or not good enough.

The location and food was beyond my expectations. I would absolutely recommend Quiet Ground Retreats to friends and strangers. I hope to return this year.

Patty Hopaluk Gay

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