The Five Wisdom Bodies

by | Feb 14, 2019

I’ve been studying healing practices for many years. It began as a way to heal my own health challenges (migraines, back pain, high cholesterol, PCOS, IBS, hypoglycemia), and I learned so much about how the mind and the body are interconnected. I experienced such enormous change in my own life, I wondered why more people weren’t using alternative treatments in the medical field. In my position as associate professor of communication sciences and disorders at the University of Georgia, I began researching yoga and mindfulness and how it could help patients after stroke. What I recognized through both study and work with clients, was that the power of the healing resulted from the combination or fusion of different modalities, similar to the five koshas in yoga (the physical, energy, mental/emotional, intelligence, and bliss) or the Four Wisdom Bodies (the mind, the heart, the spirit, and the body) in shamanism. From this combination of yoga and shamanism, my building the framework of the Five Wisdom Bodies was underway. These Five Wisdom Bodies––the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual wisdom bodies––and their application is transformative for my clients.      

Many people treat the Wisdom Bodies separately, without using a holistic approach, which, to me, is not how things exist in the natural world. In nature, everything is interdependent. This is probably why being in nature is such a large part of my own spiritual practice, and one I often recommend to my clients to initiate their healing. Healing happens when all Wisdom Bodies are addressed holistically. For example, the food we eat influences our emotions, in the same way that how we feel influences what we eat; both must be taken into account. Or those who have physical pain may find that the pain is related emotions, as well as inflammation in the physical body. The Wisdom Bodies all contribute to each other in an additive manner, and if we make the connection between the Wisdom Bodies, we can begin to solve the health challenge.

Clients with health challenges often come to me after visiting several medical  professionals. They are tired of being tired and having low energy. They know there has to be another way. Ready to feel better and open to a new alternative, they begin using the Five Wisdom Bodies, either working with me one-on-one in a six-week program (Vibrant Health), or as a group in a course called Whole Body Upgrade. The magic is in the fusion of all of the healing modalities: nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, coaching, shamanism, and Reiki. My work includes assessing each of the Wisdom Bodies and then developing a plan to help my clients feel better. For each person the “how” is different––however, typically it includes retrieving soul essences that are hiding, clearing out negative energy, making a nutritional plan, and learning what thoughts are obstructing change. For most clients, what they are eating is vitally important to their emotions and how they feel physically. Additionally, what they are thinking is also influencing how they feel. Working together each week by video or phone allows my clients to apply my suggestions and practice the homework, while having support from me. I’ve found this to be the best way to integrate the Wisdom Bodies, which leads to great success for my clients.




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